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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Take the Challenge with your Child: It's Slice of Life Tuesday!

Welcome to Slice of Life Tuesday! 

slice of life_individual

Just What is Slice of Life?

Stacey Shubitz (co-founder of the award winning blog Two Writing Teachers) originally created Slice of Life as a way to inspire her fourth graders to notice - and write about- the everyday moments in their lives.

"If I dismiss the ordinary - waiting for the special, the extreme, the extraordinary to happen - I may just miss my life."

- Dani Shapiro in Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life (2013, 123) 

Every Tuesday, Two Writing Teachers challenges readers to write a Slice of Life post on their own blogs.  I'm joining in today and pledge to write a new post each week, either here or on Literacy with Lisa.

Waffles and Minecraft: The Last Mornings of Summer

Joey playing Minecraft on the Ipad.

"Want to see my world, Mommy?"

"Sure," I answer, leaving the kitchen to peek over his shoulder.

"Here's how you blow up a pond.  Just add some TNT."

He expertly navigates the buttons and soon the pond explodes to bits,
leaving a trail of fire and lava behind.

Julia wakes up and joins us. I go back into the kitchen.

"Kill the cow.  Kill the cow," she exclaims.  And then, "Get more lava!"

"What do you want on your waffle?" I call.

No answer.

I repeat myself, "What do you want on your waffle?"

"Butter and jelly," she replies, and then,

"Mommy, can I have a turn on the Ipad?"

"Later," I say.  "Time to put it away, now. Breakfast is ready." 

No answer.

"Joey, did you hear me?"

"OKAY, Mommy," he says, making no attempt to stop.  

"Watch this TNT explode," he whispers to Julia.

"Now," I say, "or you'll lose your Ipad time tomorrow."

"Okay, okay," he answers, placing the computer carefully on the windowsill.

Then he pulls out his chair, sits down, and bites into his Trader Joe's waffle.

When he smiles, a swirl of grape jelly blankets his upper lip like a mustache.

I resist the urge to wipe it off.

The Challenge

Here's my challenge to you..write your own Slice of Life stories with your child.  You can write one together, have each of you do one individually, or just start by writing your own.  This will still model for your child that writers write about the ordinary world around them; that nothing is too boring. The topic can be on anything, making breakfast this morning, a recent vacation or brushing your teeth. Remember that we often find the best stories in small moments.

Once you've written your post, you can share it with me by:
  1. Pasting it into the comments section
  2. Emailing it to me at
  3. Posting your piece in your own blog.  If you do this, put a link in the comments below so I can read it (and also on the Two Writing Teachers site).  
If you're not sure how to begin, just set an egg timer and don't let your pen stop moving for five minutes.  Don't worry about what you put down, just write. Have your child do the same. 

(To read more on the subject of getting started with writing, click here to read my latest post on Literacy with Lisa: Just Shut Up and Let Them Write).

Now get started writing!  

I can't wait to read your stories.

Write on,


P.S. I gave this challenge to Joey, after he finished playing Minecraft.  To read his Slice of Life writing, click here Joey's Slice of Life Writing


  1. Love your slice - and those final words: "I resist the urge to wipe it off." And thank you for the Dani Shapiro quote which I put in my WN. Someday I'll write a post about my 6th grade friend who loved Minecraft.

    1. Thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoyed the post and the quote. Would love to read your own Minecraft story when you write it!