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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tip # 1 - Join a Summer Reading Program

Will Read for Cookies

Summer is in full swing and nothing motivates children (at least my kids anyway!) more than the promise of sweet treats.  Have you joined your local library's summer reading program? Most libraries have them.  Yes I know it's almost August but it's still not too late!
Here is what my son, Joey (age 7),  received at the Ludington Library today after returning his summer reading club sheet:

Library programs are a wonderful way to keep kids excited about reading. It's quite simple really: kids keep a log of time spent reading and/or books read and return the sheet each week.  Some also require completing specific tasks, like read a non-fiction book, a book by an author you've never read before, or check-out an e-book. These tasks provided extra motivation for Joey, (after all, he wanted that cookie!).
On the first day we joined, Joey came home and wrote a poem on Spiderman so he could check off the box for “Write a poem.”  After 8 checks, he earned a reading certificate.  He also received a prize at each visit (with a free book on the third time).
IMG_2095IMG_2097A cookie, plastic toy and free book might not seem that exciting to us.  But if it keeps my kids motivated to read and write (and engaged with something other than asking to watch t.v.), it’s well worth it.  
So join a library program today.  Or at the very least, go visit your local library and take home some books.  Read my next posts for a few of my favorite titles to try and for more summer reading tips.

Keep reading,
P.S. Actually, I lied when I said that a free cookie doesn't sound that exciting.  If someone offered me a free cookie as a reward for reading a book(s), I think I would take it too.   It was double mint chocolate from Insomnia Cookies, after all...

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